LETTER: Expensive or just too boring

I write in response to the gentleman who bewailed the lack of interest in live acts (Lynn News, December 3).

Theatre, like many things, is market driven. If people don’t want to turn out on a cold winter’s night to pay a lot of money, to be as entertained as they would be in the comfort of their warm homes in front of the fire and the TV, then it surely suggests theatre is a) unaffordable and/or b) uncomfortable and/or c) uninteresting .

I haven’t been able to go to the theatre to see something I would like for years as it is so expensive.

In winter I’m even less interested in leaving the warmth and comfort of my house for a trek through town in the wind, cold and wet.

Even the free pop music laid on in summer isn’t of interest to me. Lynn may be a cultural desert, but does anyone really care?

The culture Lynn gets that I would see is unaffordable, and the rest is (to me) excruciatingly boring. Clearly I’m not alone. Does this explain poor attendances?

J Dearling

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