LETTER: Get the buses organised

I read your article (Lynn News, November 29)regarding cuts to the Coasthopper service with great interest and concern.

While we all realise the need to control the Norfolk County Council budget, reducing the lowest level of public transport will hurt many residents of our county.

It appears there is some disagreement between NCC and Norfolk Green regarding the level of subsidy required to maintain the future winter services.

Norfolk Green runs a fleet of some 74 buses. Judging by the number of vehicles always parked up in the centre of King’s Lynn bus station and the number of drivers gathered around there is room for economies .

While I realise regulations require drivers to take rest periods during their driving shifts, it seems clear that redrawing up of both vehicle and driver rotas, might well result in some savings.

Another option that could be considered is the linking up of cross town routes, for example Hardwick 6 and North Lynn 2 as a through route offering more direct connection with the new supermarkets at Hardwick.

Another could be joining up of routes 37,39 and 10,11,offering through services from Hunstanton to Downham and Marham.Norfolk Green also seems to sends empty buses to and from their garage in Hamlin Way far too often. Centralise more drivers’ duties at the bus station.

I am sure if both NCC and Norfolk Green were to sit down and think outside the box some worthwhile saving could be found.

Mike Reynolds

West Norfolk




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