LETTER: Roundabout no improvement

I commute daily between Gayton and King’s Lynn and would like to comment on the latest road ‘improvements’ to the QE roundabout.

My cycle route home brings me up the bypass towards the roundabout whereupon I take a right and head through Ashwicken to Gayton.

The old approach was actually not too bad. It was relatively easy for a cyclist to move across to the right turning lane.

The recent changes have added an extra lane and now a cyclist coming up the bypass and turning right has to move out of the hard shoulder into the left turning lane then move over into the straight ahead lane before moving into the right hand lane just before the roundabout.

This is quite a feat to achieve safely with most drivers flying by at 40mph-plus and hell bent getting to the roundabout first.

I hope the driver of the car who was so intent on shouting abuse at me that he nearly collided with a car already on the roundabout got home safely.

David Procter





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