Opinions sought in Dersingham

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The villagers of Dersingham are to be consulted on how they would like to see the village develop in the coming years.

The parish council has awarded a contract for a survey to be carried out on the need for a new Dersingham Village Centre and to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan.

The plan will review the present status of developments, including housing and business areas, and examine options for the future needs or expansion of the village.

The Village Centre Study will review facilities, identify groups or needs not presently served, and indicate the additional benefits which a modern centre could provide.

A statement circulated to villagers from the Dersingham Centre Working Group said that for more than 20 years, Dersingham Parish Council has carried out numerous studies and questionnaires to find out the attitudes and needs of the parish, and on each occasion there has been strong support for a new village centre, which is large enough for functions catering for up to 250 people.

The statement said: “There is also a need for facilities for all the specialist groups who at present cannot find suitable premises in the village, including people who want to form a theatre group.

“Other groups such as the WI and the Horticultural Society also need a larger meeting room.

“During previous attempts by the parish council to develop a village hall, the major stumbling block has been the lack of a suitable site.”

It explained that no suitable sites could be identified within the village, and any outside could not be afforded.

But it goes on: “Considering the advantages of developing a single village centre which included sufficient amenities and space to satisfy the reasonable demands of the village, the parochial church council (PCC), which owns the church hall, suggested to the parish council that it would be more sensible to develop a single centre for the village, rather than two less comprehensive and competing centres.

“Therefore the PCC suggested that the most appropriate site for a new village centre would be the existing church hall site.

“The parish council and the PCC are therefore working closely together to achieve a common goal – a Village Centre.

“This must satisfy the needs of a multitude of groups who currently use the church hall, as well as other groups, whom the parish council feel would benefit from the development of a new Village Centre.”