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Torrential rain brings flooding to homes in Reffley Lane.Chris Elvin shows the depth of the floodwater as he paddles his kayak.'www.lynnnews.co.uk/buyaphoto
Torrential rain brings flooding to homes in Reffley Lane.Chris Elvin shows the depth of the floodwater as he paddles his kayak.'www.lynnnews.co.uk/buyaphoto

It’s been a busy year for The Lynn News with some big changes, but one thing that has not changed is the amazing variety of news from across West Norfolk.

Looking back over the course of the year, we have picked out some of our favourite pictures from each month and with so many to choose from, this was no easy task.

Take a look at them and see if you can remember the story...

January - MLNF12AF01131 - One of Lynn’s most iconic landmarks, Campbell’s Tower, was blown up by Lynn News competition winner Sarah Griffiths whose father, Mick Locke, who was fatally injured at the former factory. Around 3,000 onlookers turned out in the freezing cold to watch the demolition which would make way for a proposed Tesco expansion.

February - MLNF12PT02410 - Against a background of flashing lights from the Lynn Mart, around 60 protesters joined hands in the freezing cold to form a human barricade across King Street, where three-year-old Rio Bell died after he was hit by a car. Protesters hoped to get the road closed to traffic during the two weeks the Mart is in town after a petition gained 5,000 signatures in the days after the accident.

March - MLNF12PT03403 - Lynn Museum made the most of one of its prized Roman assets, thanks to a £15,000 grant from the Arts Council, which enabled curators to display the famous golden 2,000-year-old Hillington Phallus.

April - MLNF12AM07091 - Roads and homes flooded when the heavens opened just one day before Anglian Water enforced a hosepipe ban following the driest 18 months in a century.

May - MLNF12PT05011 - The King’s Morris Men took part in their traditional May Day parade this year despite dismal weather. Shoppers were treated to the sight of the Morris men dacing in Lynn’s Saturday Market Place before they paraded the garland through the town centre.

June - MLNF12AM06005 - Jack Moore and Emily Proctor, both four, celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at Lynn’s Phoenix Montissori nursery with Jubilee cupcakes, as jubilant celebrations take place across West Norfolk.

July - MLNF12AM07031 - Olympic fever grips the nation as thousands line the streets of West Norfolk to see the Olympic Torch passing through, here is it carried into Lynnsport by Lauren Reeder. Ex-Springwood High School pupil and 3,000m steeplechase medal-contender, Barbara Parker, spent the month training in the area for her turn to shine at the London Olympics.

August - MLNF12PT08201 - Grandfather Sonny Yallop went out on a limb with his fundraising efforts as he took to the treetops to fulfil his ten-year dream of living in a tree for a month while fundraising to help Cancer Research UK in memory of his aunt.

September - MLNF12PM09069 - Lynn went back to the Stone Age when a couple from Lynn decided to tie the knot while dressed as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Dave and Linda Alves wanteda colourful wedding and they got it when their guests joined them in fancy dress, with Batman and Robin among them. The couple described married life as “Yabba Dabba Doo!”

October - MLNF12PT10433 - Motorists filling up at a Swaffham petrol station were left shocked after a pensioner lost control of her vehicle and crashed into gas cylinders at the Morrisons Supermarket in Castle Acre Road, luckily there were no injuries,

November - MLNF12PT11099 - This year’s memorial service in Lynn’s Tower Gardens saw a record turnout of more than 3,000 as young and old gathered to pay their respects to the fallen and observe the two-minute silence.

December - MLNF12AF12169 - The Ancient Mayans predicted 12:12pm on 12/12/12/ to be the end of the world, but for one couple it was the start of their life together. Abigail Quinn, 38, from Downham, and Alan Britton, 53, from Snettisham, were married at Downham Methodist Church as family and friemds watched on. Mrs Britton said: “I always said I would marry my Prince Charming on 12/12/12, and when he proposed the date stuck.”

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