Paramedics help mother to deliver baby at home on New Year’s Eve

Andrew and Simone Ward with their new arrival baby chloe and other daughters Caitlin (3) and Amelia (1).'
Andrew and Simone Ward with their new arrival baby chloe and other daughters Caitlin (3) and Amelia (1).'
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An ambulance crew came to the rescue of a pregnant woman as she gave birth at her Gayton home on New Year’s Eve.

Chloe Ward surprised her mum Simone with a speedy arrival on the bathroom floor just four hours after contractions started.

The 24-year-old thought she would have time to make it to Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital for the delivery but Chloe had other ideas.

Mrs Ward said she was starting to panic but relaxed after the arrival of student paramedic Colin Murden and emergency care assistant Alan Cockburn, who was enjoying his first day with the service.

Mrs Ward and husband Andrew, 34, who also have two older daughters Caitlin, three, and one-year-old Amelia, have thanked Mr Murden and Mr Cockburn.

She said: “I was glad they were there to help. I was panicking but once the ambulance arrived I began to feel a bit more at ease and relaxed.

“It was a big relief when she arrived safely.”

Contractions began at 5am on Tuesday for Mrs Ward, who did not feel it was anything more than she could cope with.

But by 8am, things were progressing with contractions being 20 minutes apart.

She said: “By that stage I still felt that I could cope but at 9am they were getting stronger and by 9.30am I couldn’t move.

“I was expecting a quick birth as my last baby was reasonably quick but I didn’t expect to be delivering at home.

“I thought I would have time to get to the hospital and even called the delivery suite. When I knew that I was not going to make it there I shouted at my husband to ring an ambulance.

“It was quite a straight forward birth.”

Chloe was crowning when Mr Murden and Cockburn arrived and they went onto help deliver the 7lb 5oz baby.

Mrs Ward and Chloe were then taken to the Castle Acre ward for a check up before being released at 7pm.