Pay increase of 1 per cent proposed for West Norfolk Council workers

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A one per cent pay rise is proposed for West Norfolk Council’s 655 employees, in addition to a minimum pay increase to £7 per hour.

Nationally, trade unions have called for local authorities to rise wages to meet the Living Wage, which sits at £7.65 per hour.

A report to West Norfolk’s Cabinet, which meets on Tuesday, said: “The authority continues to balance the need to make financial savings and the Government’s public sector pay targets with the fact that many staff are now struggling to cope with pay freezes/pay increases that have been substantially below the rate of inflation for the past six years.

“A pay freeze has been discounted due to the need to maintain staff morale and to offer salary levels that are competitive within local, regional and national labour markets.”

The report said there was no requirement to meet the Living Wage standard though 77 councils had committed to doing so. Meeting it would equate to an 8.3 per cent increase to the national pay bill, the report said.

For three of the last five years council workers salaries were frozen and the other two years there was a one per cent increase.