Police step in to minimise disruption in A17 protest at Sutton Bridge

Police have stepped in to minimise disruption to traffic in tomorrow’s (Saturday, July 26) planned protest parade of slow moving traffic at Sutton Bridge.

Gasifier protesters planned to gridlock the A17 with tractors, cars, vans and bikes, but police – who will be on the scene – want to restrict the vehicles to Bridge Road while allowing them to turn at one single roundabout on the A17 at the foot of Cross Keys Bridge.

Police admit there may still be “some slight disruption to traffic flow”.

Sgt Gareth Boxall said: “To ensure that this protest does not unduly disrupt the wider community, conditions have been imposed to ensure that the procession does not slow traffic on the A17 and these give a number of sensible instructions to those involved in the protest.

“Police will attend the protest on Saturday morning to ensure these conditions are complied with and to ensure the safety of those involved as well as motorists on the A17.

“I take this opportunity to ask those participating to follow the instructions passed to them by the organisers and given to them by police officers at the scene.

“For those who plan on travelling through Sutton Bridge, we will endeavour to keep delays to a minimum but there may be some slight disruption to traffic flow.”

Sgt Boxall thanked residents and road users for their patience and cooperation.