Let the entertainment begin at Hunstanton Spinney - Licence granted after police withdraw objection

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Latest news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
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Shoppers and holiday makers will be able to enjoy live entertainment at The Spinney in Hunstanton after a premises licence was granted for the newly-regenerated area.

A shadow had been cast over whether the new performance area could be used for its intended purpose after Norfolk police objected to the plan due to the area’s close proximity to traffic.

However, before yesterday’s meeting of West Norfolk Council’s licensing committee, the police withdrew their objection.

Martin Chisholm, on behalf of the borough council, told the committee: “The Spinney has recently undergone a large-scale but sympathetic regeneration to turn this into a pedestrianised area and a space that can be used for the public for small-scale performances.”

The council needed to apply for a licence for ‘regulated entertainment’, including plays, films, live music, recorded music and dance performances.

It is anticipated that the area could also be used for Christmas carols and craft fairs, but larger events could attract up to 600 people.

Hunstanton businessman Kevan Fleming addressed the committee with his objections to the licence.

Mr Fleming’s business Legge’s Cafe faces onto The Spinney and, as part of the redevelopment, the area outside his terrace which used to be a pavement is now a road for restricted traffic.

Mr Fleming said: “If you have got a public event with 500 people, where do we divide the line where vehicles coming down Westgate cannot mount onto the pedestrian area?

“I have huge concerns for the safety of my customers and the general public.”

My Fleming said during the recent half term holiday The Spinney had been “a magnet for children”.

He said: “They come on their scooters. What if a vehicle comes through that gap when a child is coming through? It’s just not acceptable.”

The licencing sub-committee spent more than an hour discussing the application in private before reaching the decision to grant the licence, with the condition requested by police that authorised officers of the council monitor the licenced area and be available to respond to any identified risks.

After the meeting Mr Fleming said he would not be appealing against the council’s decision.

He said: “I am hoping that they have listened and that the county council will look at the fact that the road needs to be pedestrian only and no access.

“A retractable post, for emergency vehicles only, is the easy option to make it safe.”