Puppy abandoned in Downham Market with a note saying: ‘please look after me. I’ll try my best to keep you happy’

Snoopi abandoned in Downham Market
Snoopi abandoned in Downham Market

A 14-week-old puppy was abandoned in a hedge, locked in a pet carrier with a note that read: ‘Please look after me. My name is Snoopi.’

RSPCA officials, who are now caring for the black and white spaniel/pointer cross , have said his abandonment, in Downham, was callous and bizarre.

Snoopi was left with a bundle of brand-new equipment, including everything needed to look after a dog as well as the note, which, in full, read: “Please look after me as my owner doesn’t want me anymore. I’ll try my best to keep you happy. My name is Snoopi.”

Jon Knight , RSPCA inspector, said: “It was like a brand new re-homing pack left with him – very strange.

“I can’t quite get my head around how someone could dump this really incredibly cute dog in this way.

“On the one hand, they seemed to care due to the note and the careful way all the dog-related goodies had also been left.

“On the other hand, it’s just so callous.

“He was left hidden by a residential street where he could easily have been ignored or missed, and on a very cold night.

“Temperatures being what they were he would have been really ill if left there overnight.

“Lucky for him I think he must have been spotted quite quickly – as his toys were still really clean and had obviously not been rained on.

“I have no doubt in my mind that this was an unwanted Christmas present.

“It is a perfect example of why we urge people to think very carefully before buying pets as presents.

“Every year, animals are abandoned when the novelty of having a dog or cat wears off.

“ Pets are a lifelong commitment and anyone taking one on needs to be very sure there is a long-term commitment to properly care for the animal and that he or she will be loved for life.”

Snoopi was found in Bennett Street late on Monday afternoon.

The equipment with him included a bed, dog food, dog training paraphernalia and a teddy bear.

Snoopi has been checked over and found to be in good health.

After Snoopi’s initial inoculations are done he will be put up for re-homing.

Anyone with any information about how Snoopi came to be dumped in this way should call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

Last year, the RSPCA dealt with 11,577 abandoned animals, and of those 199 were found in Norfolk.