Ranger Steven is determined to do his bit to clean King’s Lynn park

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Meet the one-man cleaning up crew who remains determined to do his bit for his community despite his own health problems.

You may have seen Lynn man Steven Cable, pictured above, out and about on his mobility scooter, complete with its custom-built trailer, with his pet dog, Bobby, as he sets to work on his mission to keep Lynn’s Pepper Green Park clean and tidy.

Mr Cable, 58, worked as a heavy-duty construction machinery operator for 30 years before having to retire due disability and ill-health.

Despite that, however, he remains dedicated to maintaining the green space, so much so he has been dubbed ‘The Park Ranger’ by his friends.

Mr Cable visits the park when he can to clean up litter and regularly contacts council officer to get maintanence tasks carried out, so that residents can enjoy a pristine environment when they visit the park.

His work started after he spoke to a group of young people who wanted some goal posts in the park. He then got incontact with the council to put in goals and new play equipment.

Since then, as well as keeping the park tidy, he has organised painting of the old play equipment and flower planting as part of the King’s Lynn in Bloom initiative.

He also campaigns for improved access to parks for disabled people.

Mr Cable’s TGA Vita X off-road scooter is specially designed to ensure he remains as comfortable as possible while he is cleaning, while the trailer was made for Bobby, a four-year-old Cairn terrier, from an old barrel.

He said: “I built the trailer with Bobby in mind so that he is safe, warm and dry when riding with me.

“He mostly rides up front with me, it’s great having a side-kick when I’m litter collecting.

“If it wasn’t for Bobby, I would have given up. He makes me get up every morning.”

Mr Cable has previously been nomiated for a Good Neighbour award and an Inspiration to Others award.

He said: “I enjoyed working before I had to retire, so I’m trying to keep myself busy and active even if I’m only doing a little bit, it’s better than being sat at home with nothing to do. If I am in pain I have to rest but I push myself as much as I can.

“I don’t want people to think I’m some kind of superhero, I just wanted to give something back to the community so everyone can enjoy the park.”