Renovations put on hold for eight homes

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UGC for Lynn News ANL-140105-093908001
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A Methwold family lives in one of eight homes that have had vital renovation work put on hold by Freebridge Community Housing, leaving some to live with mould and subsidence.

Leanne Burge, 32, and her two sons, have been living with black mould, leaking windows and asbestos in the pipes and water tank for around two years.

Living in Herbert Drive, she is one of 10 families who were on hold to move out of their properties while they were gutted and rebuilt on the original frames by Freebridge.

Colin Davison, director of property at Freebridge, said: “Two properties have had the work completed, with nine in total being worked on and due to be completed, leaving eight properties which we will not be starting on until we have a more certain understanding of the ongoing housing need in the area.”

Leanne said: “I’ve been led to believe the house is going to be done and for the past two years I’ve been living in squalor because the work has been put off.

“The house has subsided in one corner so my windows pour with water when it rains causing black mould in the kitchen and bathroom.

“It was so bad that Environmental Health replaced my kitchen, but didn’t fix the problem and now the mould is back.”

The work first started in October 2013, but has now been put on hold despite residents being packed and ready to move out of their homes so they can be renovated.

Colin added: “On projects like this we work closely with our tenants to ensure minimal disruption to them however sometimes unavoidable changes to our plans do occur.

“In the meantime, we are working with the tenant in question to investigate the issues of damp in her house and whether any subsidence has taken place.”

Leanne’s 10-year-old son suffers with asthma which she believes is aggravated by the damp conditions and the lack of heating. She said: “This has been my home for 15 years and my children have grown up here, but the problems have now become so bad.

“Freebridge have postponed for six weeks while they make a decision because they feel there is not enough call for three-bedroom houses anymore. If they turn them all into two-bedroom houses we will all lose our gardens and the space we have.”