Ruby Tuesday - Save pounds, eat less

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Given the time of the year, Ruby won’t make too much of it, but the sight of “Merry Christmas” greetings on the front of a couple of Norfolk Green buses she saw in the heart of Lynn the other day did grate a bit now she’s back at work.

Some good news to welcome in 2013. An email reaches us to proclaim that a leading gynaecologist has declared: “Prolapse surgery is not just for woman over 50.” Happy new year and all that.

Reader Malcolm Cox wishes Ruby a happy new year (thank you Malcolm and the same to you) and writes: “A couple of oddities which caught my eye and seem right for your columm.

“A card from the Sally Army showing a painting by Eileen Godsave and the headteacher’s name at Smithdon, Mr Goodchild.”

Rubes likes to keep an eye on the Lynn News website for comments and found one that comes under the category of tough love.

On a feature about a new course, costing £35, to help change your life and eating habits in an attempt to lose weight, Thoughts4U2 had commented: “Eat less, save £35, simple!”

During a journey towards Lynn on a packed train at the weekend, Ruby couldn’t help sympathising with the woman who moved several heavy bags of shopping to one side of the carriage, only to have to move them all back again when the found that the platform at the station she was getting off at was on the same side of the train that her shopping had been on all along.

All Ruby’s old pals were in touch to wish her all the best over the past few weeks, so thanks very much, particularly to George Chappell.

We have also been contacted by Ruby’s officially-appointed bete noire, Blackie Allan, who these days begins his missives “Dear Rubes...”

Blackie is, as always, far from impressed with the performance of West Norfolk Council.

He claims Queen Mary Road in Gaywood as one of the worst area for potholes with no less than “48 patches of fillings put down by lots of contractors”.

Driving around West Norfolk the roads already seem pretty bumpy and we haven’t had any really bad ice and snow yet this winter. What’s the worst roads you know? Let Ruby know on