Ruby Tuesday - Tales of a roundabout row

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One of Ruby’s pet hates is queue jumping, so she was delighted to see a particularly brazen offender get his comeuppance in Sainsbury’s in the Vancouver Quarter last week.

While she waited behind several other shoppers, Mr Queuejumper went straight to the counter and requested that the cashier scan a single packet of biscuits while she was serving someone else.

When the assistant pointed out the queue, he left the biscuits and walked off. What made it even more ridiculous was that the self-service tills were also available.

Ruby can only echo Bob Peeling’s sentiments in the email he sent to First Capital Connect (and copied to Ruby) following the news of their plans to refurbish Lynn’s station.

“Would you please ensure that all references to King’s Lynn, especially the signage, include the apostrophe in the name of our town”, he writes. Hear, hear.

Staying on a grammatical theme, a reader who signs her email as “Cal” wonders whether last Tuesday’s report of The Queen attending church at Castle Rising is worthy of Ruby’s attention for the line about youngsters who “presented flowers and gifts to The Queen, who was wearing a matching turquoise suit and hat, including two Australian students”. Very much so, Ruby suspects.

Ruby’s brother has seen some strange things in his time, but even he was taken aback last Tuesday night by the sight of a car which had stopped in the middle of the mini-roundabout close to Hillington Square, while the man and woman in the front seats continued what looked like an intense argument, at least judging by the pointing and arm waving that was going on from both sides.

It was only when other traffic came along that the driver thought it might just be a good idea to move.

The newsroom’s resident Bridget Jones confirmed her lack of social surefootedness when she recalled how, on being asked how she was by someone she rather fancied, her reply was: “Tickety-boo.”

Her potential beau just looked at her nonplussed as she coloured up, wished she was somewhere else and swiftly made her excuses and left.

Ruby’s four-year-old niece is always keen to help look 
after her baby brother, bless her.

As the family were making their way upstairs one night the little girl offered to carry her brother.

When her mother said it probably wasn’t a very good idea. big sister replied : “But if I drop him then I’ll give him to you, I promise.”