Save our CCTV – rescue plans in place by Fakenham council

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Fakenham Town Council is pressing ahead with rescue plans for retaining CCTV coverage in the town.

Last October North Norfolk District Council decided to scrap its provision of CCTV cameras in five towns – Fakenham, Wells, Sheringham, Cromer and North Walsham – in order to save itself £200,000 per year.

All five towns vowed at the time to work towards a rescue package but both Wells and Cromer have since dropped out for financial reasons.

The remaining three are working together as a group with the aim of continuing to deliver a CCTV service in their areas. To this end they have been in negotiation with company Secure Defence UK to run the system.

In a letter to Duncan Ellis, head of assets at North Norfolk District Council, the group asked for the council’s cooperation with the endeavour and called for a meeting with senior officials.

The letter said in part: “The group would like the district council to hand over the CCTV hardware to Secure Defence UK who will operate the system on behalf of Fakenham, North Walsham and Sheringham councils.

“To make the system affordable in the future an initial outlay of £90,000 would be needed to reconfigure the way the system works.

“We note that in your report you are allowing a net cost of £95,000 to cover the decommission and would ask if you could contribute £90,000, giving the district council a saving of £5,000 on its costs.”

All three councils recognise that once the decommissioning has taken place, they will have to meet Secure Defence UK’s annual management and maintenance charges.