Second eagle owl found in West Norfolk

Latest environment news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
Latest environment news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
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A handler has discovered West Norfolk had two escaped eagle owls soaring over the area after finding a body in Lynn town centre.

Mac Tucker’s female Turmanian Eagle Owl Delilah remains on the run nearly a year after she first escaped from her aviary in Middleton.

Scores of people contacted the Lynn News and Mr Tucker last summer to report sightings of an owl soaring over homes in Lynn and also in the Castle Acre area.

But the discovery of an owl’s body in Nelson Street has revealed that another had made its home in the town.

A ring on the owl’s leg revealed the bird had been bred in Fakenham and sold to someone in the Lynn area.

Mr Tucker said: “When I was getting calls from people in Lynn along with Castle Acre and Swaffham, it made me think that she was travelling a long distance in a short space of time. When you see a Turmanian owl at a distance in West Norfolk you would assume it’s yours as it is not like a common bird.”

People living in Hillington Square and Nelson Street along with West Lynn reported seeing an eagle owl soaring over the streets.

One homeowner in the area also reported that a number of her chickens had been killed by the owl, initially believed to be Delilah.

But with the discovery of the second owl, Mr Tucker is now disputing that his bird was behind the hen attacks.

He said: “I believe that this was the one causing the mischief.”

Mr Tucker has not had any reports of Delilah for some time and believes she may now be living in an isolated area of the county.

He said: “I would think as I’ve not had any reports that she has got down to Thetford Forest where she would be able to look after herself.”

Delilah escaped from her aviary in Middleton in May last year and created a stir since then. Mr Tucker had tried to entice her down with offers of food and his male Turmanian Eagle Owl Samson, but without any luck.

An eagle owl was captured in Loke Road by a resident in September last year and this was taken to the Middleton aviary but escaped within 30 minutes of arriving. The owl managed to claw a hole through the netting.

Delilah has a five-and-a-half to six foot wing span and weighs 6-7 lbs and is capable of hunting a small deer.

She is one of about 200 birds kept by Mr Tucker, 75, who is chairman of West Norfolk Royal Air Force Association and uses his Tawny Eagle Jasmine to promote fundraising events.