Shocking dog attack leaves terrier mauled in King’s Lynn

Louis Poll with his 12 year old pet Lara which was attacked and seriously injured by two greyhounds.
Louis Poll with his 12 year old pet Lara which was attacked and seriously injured by two greyhounds.
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A dog owner has spoken of his shock after his pet was viciously attacked by two greyhounds on Lynn’s Tennyson Avenue on Saturday.

Louis Poll, 60, of Tennyson Avenue, was walking Lara, a Norwich Terrier, before going to the cemetery to mark the fourth anniversary of his wife Rachel’s death when the attack took place opposite the Woolpack pub at about 12.30pm.

He said: “I walk that route every day. I saw a lady coming towards us with a couple of greyhounds so I pulled Lara between me and the fence. The lady got to me and hesitated, I don’t know why she stopped. It happened so fast. The dogs lifted Lara off the floor and it looked like they were trying to tear her in half.”

Mr Poll said the owner told him she couldn’t control the dogs and he was forced to kick them to get them to release Lara who he and his wife rescued 11 years ago.

He began to walk home with Lara, carrying her as she was unable to walk, when he realised how badly injured she was and took her to the vets.

She had multiple puncture wounds to the stomach and torn skin and spent two nights at Mill House vets before being reunited with Mr Poll on Monday morning.

He said the attack had made an already difficult day much worse and was “mentally exhausting”.

Due to Lara’s age her treatment was not covered by insurance and Mr Poll faced the additional worry of how to pay the veterinary bill of close to £1,000.

He considered remortgaging his house but was able to cover the cost by using his savings, and with help from his son and daughter-in-law.

Mrs Poll died from a heart attack four years ago at the age of 52. He said: “Lara is part of the family. When my wife died Lara was the only living thing with her at the time. Lara was with her when she passed away.

“Since my wife died Lara has been a little rock to me. She’s as good as gold and she sleeps at the bottom of my bed. I actually thought I had lost her when I was carrying her home after the attack.”

Mr Poll is hoping that the owner of the greyhounds will come forward so that ways can be found of preventing it happening again .

He said: “I can’t really blame the dogs themselves, it’s in their instinct. But it didn’t look as though the owner could get them off.

“It could happen again and someone could lose their dog. I’ve still got Lara here and that’s brilliant. I love her to pieces.”

A spokesman for Norfolk police said the incident was a civil matter between the two dog owners.