Sibelco to meet to decide the future of Bawsey Pits

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The future of Bawsey Pits could soon be decided as the owners meet to consider the site’s fate after a public consultation has closed.

Sibelco received 600 responses from the people of West Norfolk in a month long survey of what should happen at the popular beauty spot.

Although the park has remained open, due to planning conditions, the car park has been closed after the deaths in July last year of Ryan Pettengell, 41, of Lynn, and 16-year-old Umar Balogun.

Now the company is due to meet and consider the responses before preparing a draft management plan.

Resources director Gary Stringer said: “To me the level of response shows just how much people want to make sure Bawsey Pits has a strong, secure and viable future.

“That’s important to us too. We have to identify how further improvements can be funded.

“This is a site we restored many years ago and for the majority of the time since then it has been used without incident.

“In recent years the type of activities taking place have changed and, with the best will in the world, we don’t think anyone could have predicted some of the problems that have emerged including a recent but significant rise in anti-social behaviour.

“Our job now is to take a considered look at what people have had to say and then come back with suggestions for a way forward.”

The firm is expected to release further of the management plan within the next month.