Skye goes for gold at Sandringham’s royal show

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A Litcham couple are making their six-year-old granddaughter’s dreams a reality by creating her garden design and entering the finished product into the Sandringham Flower Show.

Linda and Ralph Nichols have teamed up with granddaughter, Skye, to create the garden associated with the Queen Mother, who was the patron of the show for over 60 years, in time for July’s show.

The pair won a silver award for their 2013 entry, their first garden at the show, which featured a Litcham Lime Kiln.

Ralph said: “The theme was brough to our attention by Skye, who noticed a picture of the Queen Mother’s garden in a book about Royal gardens. She copied the picture of the garden at the Castle of Mey from the book and the drawing formed the plan for our garden.

“We thought the idea was appropriate as the Queen Mother was such a central figure at the show for over 60 years.”

He added: “As the Queen Mother’s garden in Scotland is situated within castle walls, we have designed the garden with hardboard facaeds at the rear to look like castle walls.

“The front of the garden has trellis fencing and flower beds that are to be planted with roses and London Pride.”

The family are eager to start work and Skye, although not allowed onsite during the construction due to health and safety regulations, will be involved as much as possible by planting seeds ready for the garden.

She will also help choose the colours of the plants and how they will fit with her plans, some of the plants are grown locally and others will be bought from nurseries.

Ralph said: “This is something new for Skye as well as for me and Linda.

“The next step is a meeting we are holding at The Bull Pub in Litcham tomorrow at 6pm, when we will talk about the construction of the garden, including trellis fencing and how to make the back facade look like a castle.

“A small group of gardeners from Litcham are helping with this, but we welcome anyone else who would like to get involved.”