Snettisham pensioner’s praise in prose for hospital staff and the ‘wondrous’ care they deliver

Noel Jenkins
Noel Jenkins
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Doctors and nurses at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital have been praised in eulogy penned by Snettisham pensioner.

Noel Jenkins, 77, was so impressed with the treatment he received at the hospital in September that he has written nearly three pages of positive praise.

Mr Jenkins’ gall bladder was treated at the hospital in September and consultants had also kept a close watch on a mass discovered in his chest.

The eulogy, which is entitled “A unit of care”, has now been distributed among the hospital’s staff.

Mr Jenkins, a former teacher and former hospital orderly, said: “I have fallen in love with that hospital.

“I think this hospital needs is a lift up after they have been getting a bad press.

“It is not just a thank you but a life testimony for the hospital and its doctors and nurses.”

Mr Jenkins began writing the eulogy in September, weeks before the hospital was placed in special measures by regulator Monitor.

He has since shown his work to two consultants who were delighted with the piece.

Mr Jenkins said the eulogy has gone down well with staff members. “They loved it, he said.”

Mr Jenkins praises all staff, including paramedics, nurses, doctors, receptionists and technicians, for treating him with “the utmost professional care, and warmth and encouragement”.

He praises surgeons for their “nerves of steel, producing wondrous success in the operating theatre and gladdening many fearful hearts outside it”.

Mr Jenkins wrote: “You dear people, all of you are the very best that exist in society – the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is a mountain of healing and hope and life to all and sundry that enter its doors.

“The spice called ‘myrrh’ was used for healing in the east and very expensive, while the fragrant frankincense gave wonderful atmosphere of sacredness and sanctity and safety.

“Thus dear warriors of the highest of motives and methods on Earth have I described you all at the at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

“The ‘ethos’ and ‘aromatic’ all come from your tireless efforts and energies on our behalf. Thank you and just remember how terrific you all are.”

Valerie Newton, deputy director of nursing and patient experience at the hospital, has thanked Mr Jenkins.

She said: “The comments made by Mr Jenkins are very positive and very welcome.

“Our staff always aim to give the best-possible treatment and care to patients.

“Compliments such as this show that this gentleman has had a very good experience, which the trust and the team are very pleased to hear about.”