STOW BRIDGE: Mind the gap! Anger after bin deliveries

John Evans with his new grey wheelie rubbish bin with the badly fitting lid.
John Evans with his new grey wheelie rubbish bin with the badly fitting lid.
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Stow Bridge residents this week raised the lid on a potential problem with West Norfolk’s new larger black wheelie bins.

Two residents contacted the Lynn News on Wednesday after bins were delivered with apparently faulty lids.

Borough council officials have said they are aware of the issue, which they claim arises from the way the bins were stored during the recent cold snap, but insisted the problem will resolve itself over time.

John Evans, of Bardolph Place, said: “The lid would not close. There was a two-inch gap where the wind could get under and whip it open, exposing the rubbish inside.

“They have taken away perfectly good wheelie bins, smashed off the wheels on the road outside and replaced them with these flimsy, cheap and nasty ones.”

James Fox, of Low Road, said: “You can’t shut the lids down properly. You are going to get flies in there in summer.”

But a West Norfolk Council spokesman said: “We are fully aware of the issue of bin lids not closing, as are the manufacturers.

“It is quite normal and is as a result of the way the bins have been stacked during a period of very cold temperatures. In most cases, the lids do settle back down to the proper position within a few days.

“We have received a number of calls about this matter, but no repeat calls, which indicates that the issue does resolve itself.”

As previously reported, the council are delivering new bins across the borough ahead of the start of fortnightly black bin collections in the spring.

The spokesman said the situation would be monitored and any bins which did not settle after a few weeks would be replaced.

She added that the old black bins were having their wheels removed on collection so they could be stacked properly. They will then be recycled.

From April, householders will have their general rubbish collected fortnightly instead of weekly. A weekly collection of food waste will also be introduced.

More information about the new bins is available in the “frequently asked questions” section of the council’s website,