Taste of Tuscany comes to Burnham Market thanks to farm shop

Wanda Djebbar's Tuscan farm
Wanda Djebbar's Tuscan farm

A farm shop with a difference will be opening in Burnham Market – with all the produce being grown in Tuscany.

Farmer Wanda Djebbar will be bringing a taste of traditional Tuscany to the Norfolk coast when her pop-up shop opens in the former Barclays Bank building.

Wanda Djebbar in front of the Former Barclays Bank in Burnham Market ANL-140716-202639009

Wanda Djebbar in front of the Former Barclays Bank in Burnham Market ANL-140716-202639009

The Tuscan Farm Shop is due to be open at the end of this month and will be serving until October.

Mrs Djebbar, who owns property in Norfolk, will be bringing over the wine, olive oil and chick peas which are grown on her 55-acre farm, Ribusuoli along with some other local produce.

Visitors to the shop will also be able to enjoy a light meal of traditional Tuscan food.

Mrs Djebbar said: “It is a farm shop but it will be stocked with things from my farm in Tuscany.

“It is going to be run very much on the idea of being a farm shop and I hope people are going to like it.”

Mrs Djebbar runs a mixed farm in the prestigious area of Montalcino, which features a vineyard, olive grove along with an orchard and a small flock of sheep.

There are some forage crops such as chick peas and oats.

She said: “It is a lovely place. We have a lot of wildlife on the farm including wild boar, porcupines, foxes and hedgehogs.”

Mrs Djebbar is currently refurbishing the former Barclays Bank building. She said: “It is a beautiful listed building and we have got a programme of careful works to do it.

“We will stay open until October but hope to open again at Christmas. Next year it will have an interesting shop.”

The shop will also be stocked with jams made with fruit from the orchards along with some small pieces of vintage Tuscan furniture.

Diners will be able to enjoy roasted chick peas, parmesan ‘crisps’, hummus, Schiacciata home made bread, Pappa al pomodoro bread,tomato and basil soup, Panzannella bread and tomato salad, and Frittata omlette. There will be sweet Vinsanto wine with Cantuccini biscuits to dip and home made Tuscan ice cream