Terrington St Clement couple seek new home for dog after son develops allergy

Family having to rehome a bulldog because of the 17 month old boy who has Asthma Molly 10 ANL-140303-092523001
Family having to rehome a bulldog because of the 17 month old boy who has Asthma Molly 10 ANL-140303-092523001
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A couple are looking for a new home for a beloved pet dog after their son has developed an allergy.

Mark Dixon and Tania Jackson have made the heartbreaking decision to part with Molly as son Joshua is thought to be allergic to her hairs.

The 17-month-old began to suffer with a cough last spring but recent tests at an allergy clinic has shown that he is most likely allergic to dog hairs.

Now the couple are hoping to find a good home for 10-year-old Molly, who is an old style bulldog.

Mr Dixon, of Terrington St Clement, said: “It is heartbreaking but at the end of the day we have to put our son first.

“It is really hard as she has spent most of her life with me. She is such a wonderful and friendly dog.

“We need to find her a new home but she is only going to the best.

“She is only going to someone who is committed to her.

Joshua began to suffer with a cough in March last year which prompted a series of trips to the doctors and treatment with anti-biotics.

But when things did not improve Joshua went for tests in Peterborough which revealed that Molly’s hairs were most likely causing the toddler to have an allergic reaction.

Mr Dixon said: “He has suffered a lot of discomfort.

“We have sectioned Molly off but the hairs still get around the house.”

Mr Dixon took on Molly seven years ago after rescuing her from her previous home.

He said that she would not initially walk through an open door and would shake but soon flourished with the family.

Horticultural supplier Mr Dixon says Molly is also very popular with customers at his warehouse in West Lynn.

He said: “She is such a friendly dog. Everyone who meets her wants to take her home with them.”

Mr Dixon wants to find Molly a home where someone will be with her constantly as she suffers from separation anxiety. She is also good with dogs and cats.

Bulldogs do not need a large garden but require regular exercise. Molly is quite rare as she is a traditional bulldog.

Mr Dixon said: “All she wants is company and a bit of fuss.

“It is like getting rid of a member of the family. I will be conducting home visits.”

If you are interested contact Mr Dixon on 07770 897497.