The Word on the Street: How long is your lunchtime?

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So, how long do you take for lunch?

That was what we wanted to find out this week after new research claimed just two per cent of Lynn workers have a full lunch hour.

According to the survey of 500 people, conducted on behalf of cream cheese brand Philadelphia, two per cent of workers have no lunch break at all, while just over a fifth only take 15 minutes away from the desk.

The company has launched a Love Lunch Again campaign, which they hope will encourage people to take a longer break and be more adventurous with what they eat during that break.

But, as I discovered while spending my own lunchtime canvassing views on Wednesday, there are workers who are determined to make sure they get their full break.

Anthony Goldsmith said he made sure he took a full hour as he and his colleagues go at different times during the day.

He said: “If they’re entitled to an hour, they should take it, especially in this sort of weather and when it’s getting really warm.”

Dale Hitch, of Lynn, was another who takes a full hour and said of workers who don’t: “They should unless they’re claiming it as overtime because they’re working for nothing, which is a bit silly.”

Naureen Suckling, of Gaywood, was another who said she took a full hour’s break when she was working in the town in order to go home.

She said: “I had 20 minutes to bike home to West Lynn, 20 minutes at home and 20 minutes back.”

But Darren Uppington said he didn’t feel he was missing out by having a shorter lunch.

He said: “We just grab a sandwich, but we have as much tea and coffee as we want during the day. You get it back in other ways.”

However, Tracey Woodcock, who said she only gets half an hour at lunchtime, said she was not surprised by the findings.

She said: “People don’t really take what they should do. They probably eat while they’re working.”