Theft victim outraged at £150 police bill to get his moped back

Police have sent John Lockwood a bill for �150 for the return of his stolen moped MLNF14pm11187
Police have sent John Lockwood a bill for �150 for the return of his stolen moped MLNF14pm11187
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A man who turned detective via Facebook to lead police to his stolen moped and the culprit has been sent a bill for more than £150 for its return.

John Lockwood, of Walker Street, Lynn, happily agreed for police to keep his vehicle to collect evidence, but cannot now afford to get it back.

After more than a month without his moped, he was pleased to hear there had been a successful prosecution, then he got a bill from the company Norfolk Police instructed to collect and store the vehicle.

He said: “I am outraged. I feel I have been a victim of crime twice. I was a victim the first time when my moped was stolen and now I am being penalised for it.”

John’s moped was only recovered because he posted a picture of in on the Facebook page Sell It In King’s Lynn moments after it was stolen on October 16 and asked people to look out for it. He soon started getting reports of sightings and John relayed them to police until a mystery person took the law into their own hands and stopped the rider themselves.

The have-a-go hero delaying them at the scene until the police came.

Earlier this month, a 15-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted stealing the moped from outside John’s home and was ordered to pay £100 compensation to him. John is yet to see any of the compensation money.

John received the bill, on Norfolk Police headed paper, last week to say he must pay £150 to the firm that recovered the vehicle plus an additional £10 per day it went unpaid. A police officer initially informed him it must be a mistake but called back later to say he would have to pay.

John, a father with a baby on the way, only paid £80 for the moped originally and used it to get to work, has lost his job in the time the case has been ongoing. He was given until yesterday to pay or told his moped would be sold.

Norfolk Police had not responded to the Lynn News at the time of going to press.