Bus fare is cut to say sorry for Gaywood roadworks

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Norfolk Green has slashed the price of its weekly travel ticket to apologise to customers after roadworks caused disruption to services.

Work on a new crossing and traffic lights at the junction of Lynn Road and Queen Mary Road in Gaywood caused around seven weeks of hold-ups around Lynn before engineers finally finished work on the project last week.

Norfolk Green’s bus services around the town centre were “seriously disrupted” by the work, with passengers facing long delays.

Now the bus operator has cut the price of its weekly unlimited travel ticket, LynnGo, to say sorry and to thank customers for their patience.

The ticket, which usually costs £9 for adults, £7 for ages 16 to 19 and £6 for under 16s, is being offered to all age groups for just £5 per week.

The offer started on Sunday and runs for two weeks until March 30.

Norfolk Green’s managing director, Andrew Dyer, said: “Our service punctuality has not been as good as we would have liked in recent weeks due to the roadworks, which of course were beyond our control.

“We would like to thank our customers for their patience during this difficult time and this ticket promotion is our way of saying sorry.”

The company’s office manager, Sue Atter, added: “It’s a way of us saying thank you to our passengers for their patience and support. It has been pretty rough some days but everyone has been really good and understanding, and appreciated that the delays were beyond our control.

“Sometimes passengers can get upset and take it out on the operators but we didn’t have any reports of that.”

The LynnGo tickets give passengers unlimited journeys on all Norfolk Green buses in Lynn, as far as West Lynn, Beloe Crescent in South Lynn, Tesco on the Hardwick Industrial Estate, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, North Wootton and Knights Hill.

The tickets can be bought for one-day, one-week or one-month, but the discount only applies to the one-week ticket.