KING’S LYNN: Second bollards bash closes dedicated lane

RTA on the bus lane at Saddlebow Road
RTA on the bus lane at Saddlebow Road
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Norfolk Green have said 20 buses an hour will be joining traffic on Lynn’s London Road after a car damaged the rising bollards on the bus lane in Saddlebow Road.

Up to 500 travellers could be affected every hour during peak times, while buses are diverted through main traffic routes in the town.

Richard Pengelly, operations manager for the bus service, said: “Millions of pounds have been paid out by Norfolk County Council on creating that bus lane and we have reorganised our services to use the new lane.

“It’s the most publicised bus lane in West Norfolk and it’s very well signposted, so it must be idiots trying to avoid the traffic on the main roads.

A Peugeot 207 became stuck on the bollards after attempting to follow a bus through the sensors on Wednesday afternoon at around 12.45pm.

Workers from the bus depot managed to free the vehicle but the incident caused serious damage to the barriers.

Mr Pengelly added: “We can no longer serve that area because of this incident, the barrier is so badly damaged that the lane is now out of use.”

Norfolk Green will be diverting buses along London Road to get to Lynn Bus Station, which at peak times could mean delays of up to 20 minutes for some buses.

Mr Pengelly said: “The bus lane gives us the flexibility to provide a consistent service. Our buses can make it through the bus lane and to the station in around seven minutes, at peak times on London Road, the same distance could take 20-25 minutes.

“We will be adding to the congestion which isn’t fair on other drivers and the delays will affect all of our routes going out as far as Sheringham.

“I don’t think people appreciate the knock-on effect that all of the our bus routes have on each other.”

This is the second time in the space of a few months that drivers have become stuck on the rising bollards in Saddlebow Road.

Mr Pengelly said: “It just seems insane that this is the second time it has happened on a well-signposted road. These people need to get their eyes tested.

“We don’t know the full extent of the damage yet, or how long it will take to fix, but it could mean having to dig up the road.”