Trouble-free start to England’s World Cup campaign, West Norfolk police report

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England’s World Cup defeat to Italy on Saturday night passed largely peacefully, police chiefs in West Norfolk have said.

Only six incidents directly related to the match were reported in the whole of the county.

And, of those, just one, involving a drunk man in Downham, was recorded in West Norfolk.

A Norfolk Police spokesman said “words of advice” were given to the man, who was not detained.

As first reported in Friday’s Lynn News, pubs and clubs pulled out all the stops to get fans in for the big game.

Extra officers were on patrol in towns across the borough for the match and additional patrols will be in place again on Thursday night, when Roy Hodgson’s team face a vital showdown with Uruguay.

The game kicks off at 8pm and senior officers are reiterating the message to enjoy the game sensibly.

Chief Inspector David Buckley said: “These additional resources will predominately be focused in the town centres to deal with a potential increase in public order during and following the game.

“Please remember to not over-drink, arrange a way of getting home before you come out and be respectful of others. We hope everyone enjoys the game.”