Turnstone, by John Maiden, July 19, 2016

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On Monday of last week I had a cataract removed from my right eye and the very next day I could see well enough to read the Lynn News!

After making certain that my name did not appear in the deaths column, I started on the Viewpoint pages and soon came across two letters of particular interest.

One was from Nigel Cook, and I will comment shortly on his timely warning of turmoil ahead it a roundabout is added to the A149 in Heacham.

A letter from C Sewell in response to Turnstone made less sense to me, but that might be because he failed to see two parallel lines of stumps 16ft apart on the exact footprint of Hunstanton pier in the photograph printed in this column on June 21.

He then went on to suggest that the recently exposed stumps are remnants of the sea defences erected in 1940 in anticipation of a Nazi invasion. Pieces of scaffolding from these barricades do turn up from time to time, but these in no way resemble the remains of our pier.

Turning to the serious problems identified by Nigel Cook when it comes to the proposed roundabout, perhaps it would be worth reminding Norfolk County Council of the concerns raised by its Highways Authority when access to a new estate of 166 dwellings via the A149 was first suggested.

In a letter dated August 28, 2014, David Higgins, a Principal Engineer with the county council, informed the Local Planning Authority in King’s Lynn that the Highway Authority could not support an application for the erection of 166 dwellings on land south of Hunstanton because: “A development that effectively accesses direct onto the strategic route of the A149 does not foster integration but exhibits separation and a standalone nature.

The TA (Traffic Assessment?) shows that the majority of traffic movements will be towards Hunstanton yet the proposed access strategy adds some 600 metres to each and every car trip in that direction which contradicts the principles of sustainability and total car journey length.”

Surely, it is not expecting too much of the Highways Authority to ask for serious consideration to be given to the suggestion by Sir Henry Bellingham MP for access to the proposed site to be via Searles Leisure Resort instead of disrupting the flow of traffic, not only on the A149 but also along Hunstanton Road, Heacham, which could be closed for more than six months from the beginning of September unless, as Nigel put it: “someone with influence sees sense and stops this madness.”

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