Turnstone: Pupils considered themselves at home at Hunstanton Heritage Centre

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Hunstanton Heritage Centre is open between 1pm and 5pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but we are running short of volunteers, so if anyone would like to help out by doing a two-hour shift on one of these days please contact Mrs Terry Ashworth at ashworth.terry@yahoo.co.uk or on 07880 733295.

There were plenty of volunteers on hand for the visit of 100 pupils from Bishop Ellis RC Primary School at Thurmaston in Leicestershire. The teachers divided the children into three groups so that some were shown round the Heritage Centre; others were in the Town Hall basement enjoying fish and chips from Fishers restaurant in Greevegate; and Heritage Centre volunteer Richard Webb was leading a third group on a tour of the town.

This included a visit to Boston Square Sensory Park and the Westgate Spinney, where the brand new performance area became the impromptu setting for a song from the musical Oliver! which begins with the words: “Consider yourself...”

All those hearing these young voices must have ‘considered themselves’ very fortunate to be present.

After an encore outside the Heritage Centre, when the three groups came together, the young choristers took the Searles land train to the ruins of St Edmund’s chapel by the lighthouse, where local historian John Smith was on hand to tell them about the first patron saint of England and the legend of the wolf, said to have guarded St Edmund’s head after he had been martyred and decapitated by the Danes for refusing to renounce his Christian faith.

The Heritage Centre will soon provide the setting for education of a different kind when a published writer and tutor, Sue Burge, holds a creative writing course in these inspiring premises on six Wednesday mornings starting at 10.30am on June 4. The course fee of £48 will include historical fiction, short stories, poetry, memoir and travel writing.

To book, call Sue on 01553 692798 or email suekburge@hotmail.co.uk and for more details visit www.sueburge.co.uk

Meanwhile, just round the corner from the Heritage Centre, two new catering establishments are up and running. Rockafellas is a lively American diner and bar; while Cassies restaurant has been updated and renamed ‘Coasters’ by its new owners. More on these stories next week...