Union’s anger over Norfolk Police jobs axe threat

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Union leaders representing civilian police staff have accused Norfolk’s chief constable of trying to play down the effect of the proposed cuts.

Caren Reeves, secretary of the Norfolk Police UNISON branch, said the workers she represented were again feeling the effect of the government funding cuts the force is trying to cope with.

She said: “These cuts will undoubtedly impact on the wellbeing of my members who are living on the edge and who, despite this, give their all every day with our police officer colleagues to keep Norfolk safe.

“I fully understand that he (chief constable Simon Bailey) is working with the hand that has been dealt to him by the Home Office but I believe that he continuously endeavours to minimise the potentially life-changing impact his decisions have on his staff.

“The rocks and hard places we have travelled over in the past years seem pretty comfortable to what we have coming.”