Urn uncovered in Ten Mile Bank outhouse

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Unusual items may be found during house clearances but workers were a little shocked to find an urn in an outhouse.

Freebridge Community Housing found the cremated remains of Mary Webb while clearing one of its bungalows in Station Road, Ten Mile Bank in spring last year.

But mystery surrounds how the urn ended up at the bungalow as the previous tenant has no idea who Mary Webb is.

The housing association, which is based in Austin Street, Lynn, has tried to trace the relatives of Mary but have drawn a blank and are now putting out a wider appeal.

If no relatives come forward to collect the urn by Friday, April 25, it will be passed to Mintlyn Crematorium.

Director of housing Robert Clarke is appealing for help in finding the relatives of Mary Webb.

He said: “In May of last year one of our homes in Ten Mile Bank became vacant.

“As part of the normal clearance work we do when a property becomes empty we came across an urn containing the cremated remains of the late Mary Webb.

“Upon checking with the previous tenant they confirmed no knowledge of the cremated remains at the property or of the late Mary Webb.

“Over the following months we have made many attempts at locating Mary Webb’s family but have so far had no success in this search.

“So as a last attempt to locate a personal representative or relative we placed a public notice in local newspapers.

“If no one comes forward by Friday, April 25, the urn will be passed to the Mintlyn Crematorium to be dealt with in a manner as approved by the Association of British Funeral Directors.”

The association has learned that Mary was cremated in Cambridge City Crematorium on March 27, 2002.

Her last known relatives were living in 21 Perse Way, Cambridge.

The urn was found by Freebridge workers within a shed.

Urns have been found in usual places over the years including storage units. A Florida family kept their grandmother’s body within a blue casket at a storage unit for 17 years.

London’s Enfield Council even also found an urn in a recycling bin.

If you have any information on Mary Webb contact reporter Victoria Fear on 01553 817321.