Warning over letter scam in West Norfolk

A scam letter that asks the recipient to send a fee to claim a £825,000 prize draw win has been sent to homes in West Norfolk.

Norfolk trading standards issued a warning about the letters from ‘Graceton Security Company in London’ in September and they are still being received.

Ms Kathleen Reed, 69, of Clenchwarton, was furious when she received one and new immediately that is was a hoax.

She said: “I think it is disgusting. To think they are going to con people who are not with it.

“If my mum had still been around she would have rung them up.”

The fraudsters behind the letter have been known to follow it up with calls and further letters.

Stephen Maunder, Norfolk County Council consumer engagement officer, said: “It’s important to always bear in mind that if you didn’t enter the draw how can you win it? No genuine prize draw win will require you to pay money up front. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.”

If you think you have responded to a scam letter, you should call Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 040506.