Wesst Norfolk’s Red hot club for ladies

Group from the Ruby Red Ladies at the Willow Tree Cafe in Tower Street King's Lynn,
Group from the Ruby Red Ladies at the Willow Tree Cafe in Tower Street King's Lynn,
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West Norfolk’s newest chapter of the Red Hat Society are celebrating a successful first few months since starting up this summer, and now the Ruby Reds are looking forward to the year ahead.

Queen of the chapter, Kathy Cox, took over the running of the group in September, and under her reign the group have enjoyed meals, coffee mornings, days out and much more.

She said: “The Ruby Reds are a happy group of ladies who meet up and take part in a variety of events for fun and adventure.

“We welcome and encourage any lady who would love to laugh with others and live life to the full.

“Our charity begins at home with ladies from all walks of life who want some ‘me-time’, who want to meet like minded people, who need a bit of company sometimes or who simply love to share a coffee.”

Some of the members have found that the group has helped them to rebuild their social lives after their children have left home or started school.

Michelle Wagstaf said: “I was 40 when my daughter was born, my husband worked away all week and I was home alone raising our daughter.

“My life totally revolved around Lilli-Mae, from vaccines to playgroups to children’s sign language lessons, you name it we did it.

“We were out most days, at some group or other. Then when Lilli-Mae started school, I was left home alone, once again.

“I used to take Lilli-Mae to school then come home and do some housework and then some crafting, I never went anywhere and didn’t see anyone.”

Michelle met Kathy who encouraged her to join the new Red Hat Society chapter at a coffee morning.

Mrs Wagstaf said: “I went along and met some wonderful, friendly ladies all dressed in purple wearing red hats. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to join them.

“I have not looked back, I always have someone to go out with, to coffee mornings, lunches, afternoon teas and shopping trips.”

Others have used the group to help rebuild their lives following the death of their partner or husband.

Mrs Cox said: “We have a lovely lady who lost her partner and joined us, the change in her is fantastic. She chats, comes out with ideas, and laughs!”

She added: “Why not leave hubby watching John Wayne or playing golf, give the ironing a miss and come out with us for an afternoon tea, crazy golf match, ten pin bowling, eating candy floss at the Mart, take a ghost walk around town, shop-til-you-drop in charity shops and maybe walk along the beach collecting shells for decorations.”

The group use their bus passes whenever possible and senior train cards for visits to London, Nottingham and other venues for musicals, fairs and meals. There are also plenty of activities, such as walks and coffee mornings that suit those without money to spare.

The group are already making big plans for trips to Newmarket for Ladies Day, Cambridge Strawberry Fair and Sandringham, along with regular meetings at the Willow Tree Cafe in Lynn.

If you would like to find out more about the group, or how to join, either visit the Willow Tree Cafe on Monday, January 20, to meet them, or visit the website, www.rubyredsruby.wix.com/rubyreds

Mrs Cox said: “we will welcome you with open arms, it only takes one phone call, or one step into the Willow Tree and you will wonder why you didn’t join us before.”