West Dereham woman gets 50-year award

A STRING of memories have come flooding back to a West Dereham woman who recently received an award for 50 years service to the Labour Party.

June Kellingray, who was born in London's East End, describes herself as a true Labour person and remembers having to wait until she was 18 before she could join the party as a full member.

She was presented with her long service certificate at a recent meeting of the Labour Party at Downham Town Hall.

Presenting the award, Helen Scott, secretary of the South West Norfolk Labour Party, said: "We are very grateful for June's long service and we hope this will continue for many years into the future."

Mrs Kellingray remembers the days when the South West Norfolk seat was held by Labour MP, Sidney Dye. His successor, Albert Hilton, also a Labour MP and later Lord Hilton, was godfather to one of her children.

At one time, her late husband was president of the local Labour constituency.

"I can also remember Hugh Gaitskell coming to Swaffham. I was introduced to him and he later held his hand out and asked me for the first dance," said Mrs Kellingray, who hopes one day to see another Labour MP representing the South West Norfolk seat.