West Norfolk gardeners create waiting list for brown bins

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Householders wanting a West Norfolk Council brown bin for garden refuse have been placed on a waiting list – as the service is at capacity.

The service, which began in 2007 with 6,000 customers, has been so popular there are 20,000 using it now.

Around 7,000 tonnes of garden waste is turned into compost every year.

As bins become available due to users relinquishing them, they will be issued to those on the waiting list.

Cabinet member for environment Brian Long said: “The brown bin service is a victim of its own success. Demand has consistently grown and we are now in a position where there is no capacity for further collections.

In the future it might be possible to introduce a further collection vehicle, but at a cost of nearly £120,000 we simply can’t justify this investment as there are no densely populated areas for us to grow the service into, and we would need a minimum of 2,000 new customers to make it financially viable.”

He said the low turnover of bins means customers may have to wait several weeks, however, the council is confident it will be able to fulfil the majority of requests.

Mr Long said “We would remind people awaiting a bin that they may be able to make arrangements with a neighbour to share their bin if they are an existing customer.

“We will obviously continue to monitor interest in the service and review our options for providing additional capacity in the future, but in the meantime, we would ask people not to be discouraged from disposing of their garden waste appropriately, and to make use of alternative methods such as home composting or taking it to one of Norfolk County Council’s household recycling centres.”

From April 1 the cost for a brown bin will be £41 a year.

To apply for a brown bin go to go www.norfolk.gov.uk or ring 01553 782060.