West Norfolk has peaceful start to year

Insp David Buckley
Insp David Buckley

Senior police officers in West Norfolk say the new year celebrations passed peacefully.

He said the Downham and Hunstanton areas had also been very quiet during the new year festivities on Tuesday.

Insp Buckley said: “It was a positive night with nothing significant to report.

“Most of the arrests were in relation to public order and drunkenness but there were some domestic situations.”

Insp Buckley said the cells at Lynn’s Police Investigation Centre were full on the night.

A total of 30 officers were covering West Norfolk during the evening with 10 of those providing a presence in the Norfolk Street area of Lynn.

He said: “By having additional officers on duty in the town centre did a lot of preventative work which suppressed most of the problems.”

Across the county, police received 554 calls, which included setting off fireworks in a road in North Lynn along with people becoming unruly. Insp Buckley said the force received about 15 reports of anti-social behaviour.

Ambulance crews were called to 279 incidents on New Year’s Eve with 125 in the West.

Acting director of Service Delivery Rob Ashford said: “My thanks and praise go out to all our staff and volunteers who worked during this difficult shift.”