West Norfolk love-letter fails to convince from PM

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David Cameron’s efforts to curry favour with the tourism industry in Norfolk has fallen rather flat after a piece he wrote on his love for the county was found to be rather familiar.

He wrote an article for the daily regional press to promote English Tourism Week, beginning with the words “I love Norfolk ...” and going on to say what a great place the county was to visit and holiday in.

He particularly picked out West Norfolk as somewhere he liked to visit.

Indeed he named a particular favourite as “Holcombe”, misspelling Holkham in favour of the similar-sounding resort in Devon.

A press officer later admitted to making the mistake rather than the Prime Minister.

However, it seems that Mr Cameron’s passion was not just confined to Norfolk.

The Lynn News’ sister paper, the Yorkshire Post, also received the article, beginning, “I love Yorkshire & the Humber.”

Realising that the almost identical article had appeared in Devon, Norfolk, Lincolnshire and in the North-East, it branded the articles “generic love letters”.

An editorial in the Yorkshire Post said regional newspapers that had published the article had in effect been duped by a “sham media operation”.

Yorkshire Post comment editor Tom Richmond said: “This is not personal – it has all the hallmarks of a carpet bomb PR drop that the Yorkshire Post is wise to and that Mr Cameron is almost certainly unaware of.”