West Norfolk’s top cop steps down after 30 years on the force

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After 30 years in the force, West Norfolk’s top police officer is stepping down.

Supt Carl Edwards will be saying goodbye to his colleagues at Lynn Police Station next Wednesday .

He took over the helm from Dave Marshall last year but has been a regular face in Lynn since moving to Norfolk from London in 2001.

Supt Edwards, who is married with two grown-up children, joined the Metropolitan police force as a teenager and was working during the notorious Tottenham riotin 1985.

He plans to take stock and explore other opportunities after coming to the end of a 30-year fixed contract.

Supt Edwards said: “I have enjoyed my time working in Norfolk and having started at Lynn it is nice to finish my time here.

“West Norfolk is a little different as it has its own way of working and getting things done.

“The whole area has a lot of things going for it and it has been a really good place to work.”

During the last year, anti-social behaviour has fallen by 21 per cent and West Norfolk is striding ahead with meeting the police and crime commissioner’s targets in crime reduction.

Supt Edwards said: “I am a fairly traditional copper at heart and the fact that we have managed to reduce crime has meant there are fewer victims of crime, which is what I joined up for.

“I feel this is a worthwhile job which offers a huge variety and allows you to make a difference.”

Supt Edwards swapped life as a greengrocer at the age of 19 to pursue his ambition of becoming a police officer.

He said: “The job has changed beyond all recognition in terms of technology and legislation but catching criminals and protecting the public from harm is still the same.”

During his 17 years with the Met, Supt Edwards served during the Tottenham riot along with street battles in between Millwall and Cardiff football fans.

He said: “It was muck and bullets. It was nice to come here where there is a different style of policing.”