Wiki-d lies so mean say North Lynners

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NORTH Lynn has been painted as the home of drug addicts and shoplifters on online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

The website is one of the largest reference sites on the internet and is written largely by anonymous volunteers.

Anyone searching for information on North Lynn is presented with an entry which contains some factual information on the area’s schools, parks and ponds, before a stinging attack on the people of the area.

It reads: “North Lynn, traditionally, is known locally for being one of the roughest areas of the town, an honour for which competition is fierce, it’s main rivals being South Lynn and Fairstead.

“The women of North Lynn are generally viewed as outcasts if they have not got a baby and a council flat by the age of 21, similarly the men are expected to have developed a flourishing drug habit and career in shoplifting if they are to avoid being viewed as ‘odd’.

“Many of the roads in North Lynn are like mini communities in their own right, Turbus Road, St Edmondsbury Road, Kingsway, Chadwick Square, Mayflower Avenue and the rest all have residents who spend the evenings sitting in the road, talking into the night and letting their children abuse passing strangers.”

Borough councillor for North Lynn Andy Tyler, who visits the area every day, said: “My view on the Wikipedia entry is that it is greatly exaggerated.

“There are examples of deprivation in North Lynn but my experience over many years in the area is that such a description is not a fair representation of how it is at present.

“I think the vast majority of people will be really upset by it and angry about it. They will see it is not a true reflection of the estate.”

Fellow North Lynn councillor David Collis described the entry as “sensationalism” and said: “The majority of people are hard-working people. The comments may be valid about a small group of people but 90 per cent of the area I would have a lot of time for the people, and I would certainly be happy to walk around there at any time of day or night.”

Mr Collis said North Lynn has many good organisations.

Visitors to the Lynn News Twitter site and Facebook page had a mixed reaction to the description, with some finding it funny while others felt it was harsh. One called it “vicious stereotyping”.

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