Would it be sweet if confectionery were removed from tills?

Sweets on display
Sweets on display
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Supermarket bosses at Lidl have ordered all sweets and chocolates be removed from checkouts in favour of healthier alternatives in a move against obesity.

The store ran a trial of “healthy tills” and discovered 70 per cent of its customers said they preferred to use them for their family food shop.

Georgina O’Donnell, Lidl spokeswoman, said: “We hope that this initiative will demonstrate our commitment to promoting healthy products to our customers and will support them in their wish to live a healthier lifestyle.”

The firm said it was part of its commitment to making fresh fruit and vegetables more appealing to customers, and particularly to children, but should others follow suit?

Georgina Austin, 63, of Earl Close, Dersingham, said: “I think that’s a very good idea. It’s particularly good if you have got children not to have sweets there. I am diabetic so I have to resist anyway but I am all for healthy eating.”

Sharon Stanley, 30, of Stowfields, Downham, said: “It’s not so much about being better for the children than it is for me! I stand there and think, I’ll just grab that and have it in the car. I would be more likely to buy something healthy if there were healthy things at the till.”

David Wilding, 54, of Copperfield, Fairstead, Lynn, said: “I just think things like that shouldn’t be around the counter. They should be in the sweet aisle to stop the kids keep going ‘can I have this’. It would be far better.”

Faye Castleton, 25, of George Street, Lynn, said: “That’s really good. I was only having a discussion with my six-year-old about it the other day. It’s so tempting for children when you are waiting there and there are sweets. They are asking ‘can I have this? Can I have that?’ It puts more pressure on parents.”

John Pesci, 41, of Hunstanton, said: “I don’t see a problem with it so long as the things are out of the reach of children. Being a parent myself, when the children were really young they would just try to help themselves, but parents need to be in control.”