Wrong place for a post office

Firstly we would like to wish the Lee family a happy retirement. However, we do not want the post office in Dawnay Avenue, Gaywood.

We believe there are several like ourselves in the surrounding roads as these roads are a rat run with business vehicles and employees going to the trading estate and beyond.

We consider the post office should be kept in either of the Woottons asit not only serves South Wootton, but North Wootton, Castle Rising and,I assume, some residents of Reffley.

Should the Post Ofice get its way it would create more traffic on to the Grange estate’s inadequate roads such as Spenser Road, Peppers Green, Suffield Way, Ffoulkes Drive and Dawnay Avenue.

The Post Office states: “There is roadside parking nearby.” We would like to know where, as it only outside the frontage of houses and bungalows.

It would appear that the Post Office does not care about residents’ wellbeing, only high profits and large bonuses for the management.

We do not have anything against the present shopkeeper, it’s only the present site is not suitable for a very busy post office.

G and M Bracey

Dawnay Avenue, Gaywood