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Letters: Robert Raab, October 25, 2016

I heard on October 7 that there was to be a meeting of the bus users’ group ( , the next day at the Forum in Norwich about what is happening about the bus services.

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It was with some astonishment that on reading the election leaflet through my door for the UKIP candidate Debbie le May in the Heacham Ward by-election, that I noticed the following: Printed by Online printers of 91413 Neustadt a. d. Aisch Germany.

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Letters: WJ Blundell, October 25, 2016

I thought the Conservative party conference was funnier than the Two Ronnies, watching a synchronised audience ready to clap on cue when Theresa May presented the well-rehearsed spiel.

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Letters: Nick Vinehill, October 25, 2016

In response to Mike Pantling (Letters, Lynn News, October 14). Mr Pantling as a long-term member of the Labour party and clearly on the right of the party, or what he and his allies would euphemise as moderately left, is naturally aggrieved by the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected leader again.

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Post box. posting times for Christmas. Pic Steve Robards SR1526765 SUS-150212-122951001

Letters: Blackie Allan, October 25, 2016

I travel around lots of Norfolk roads, towns and villages and have noticed all postboxes have a new coat of bright red paint.

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Letters; Michael Warden, October 25, 2016

According to a report in a daily newspaper, 3.6 foreign workers will be allowed to stay after we finally break free from the EU stranglehold.

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Juniors Doctors at Warwick Hospital, join the strike action today (Tuesday). NNL-160426-232852009

Letters: G Thos King, October 25, 2016

It is unfortunate that even Dr Mark Porter (BMA Council Chair) does not understand what a contract is.

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Burton, Norfolk. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attends the Burston Strike School Rally.

Picture: MARK BULLIMORE ANL-160409-204726009

Letters: Paul Firmage, October 25, 2016

Mike Pantling says the Labour party has now gained a large number of people who have no long-term affection for the party itself and who would rather have electoral annihilation than attempt to formulate those compromises which are the foundation of a democratic state.

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Official unveiling of the King John Bronze Statue in New Conduit Street King's Lynn
Cllr Elizabeth Nockolds, Borough Council Cabinet  Member for Culture, Heritage and Art at the ceremony ANL-161210-123655009

Letters: Wendy Twite, October 25, 2016

History came alive at the unveiling of the King John statue in New Conduit Street, Lynn.

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A public toilets WC sign EMN-160113-162711001

Letters: Geoff Hipperson, October 21, 2106

After reading “Nature Notes” (October 7), without hunting for my copy of “Silent Spring”, I think the chemicals Malcolm Cox is referring to were “chorinated hydrocarbons” – not to be confused with “organophosphates”.

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Farming tractor spraying a field PPP-150819-135719001

Letters: John Marston, October 21, 2016

Thank you for Malcolm Cox’s very interesting Nature Notes on bees (October 7).

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New Matrix Signs for King's Lynn Parking, this sign is located on 
Edward Benefer Way ANL-140426-101311001

Letters: Ronald Mortimer, October 21, 2016

With regard to the letter about Edward Benefer Way (Lynn News, October 11) the lady has highlighted a very constructive point about the new traffic light area and the dual carriageway.

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Fire crews tackle a blaze at Palm Paper in King's Lynn ANL-160710-162653009

Letters: Dinger Bell, October 21, 2016

Palm Paper is on an enclosed site at the end of what I believe is a private road, and, as far as I am aware, there is not a bus service to the factory.

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Lynn News Hustings at COWA
Toby Coke ANL-150422-085401009

Letters: Toby Coke, October 21, 2016

While I support the principle of devolution, the proposed deal on the table for Norfolk and Suffolk is not the right one and I hope that it will be rejected when it comes before NCC in November.

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handset ENGNNL00120130829163450

Letters; David Costin, October 21, 2016

Some weeks ago I was telephoned by an opinion poll company. I was asked if I was aware of proposals for devolution in Norfolk and Suffolk.

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Letters: Bob And Pat Allen, October 21, 2016

My wife and I own a lodge on Manor Park in Sunny Hunny and we visit Lynn whenever we are visiting, using your excellent bus service. Last month we decided to follow the Tornado Trail. We got on well up to clue six, at Purfleet Quay, and could not find it.

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Vox Pop - Busy scene in New Conduit Street, King's Lynn ENGANL00120140801125453

Letters: Darren Taylor, October 21, 2016

Mr Andrew Holford expresses some interesting views about the proposed Business Improvement District but is mistaken on a number of key points.

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22/1/2016 (MOL)

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond invited Environment Secretary Liz Truss to Southsea so she can see the work being done around the Castle and to make her aware of the work which is being planned to upgrade the sea defences along the whole sea front.

Pictured is: Environment Secretary Liz Truss.

Picture: Sarah Standing (160117-9522) PPP-160122-170805001

Letters: David Fleming, October 14, 2016

At the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, the Justice Secretary, the Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss, MP for South West Norfolk, made an impressive undertaking to address the decades old problems in our prisons.

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Jeremy Corbyn and Lloyd Russell-Moyle (chair of Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party) SUS-160531-084538001

Letters: Mike Pantling, October 14, 2016

Nick Vinehill (Letters, October 4) displays a sad lack of knowledge of the British Parliamentary system as well as the internal history of the Labour Party.

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Letters: Matthew Hannay, October 14, 2016

Yet again,Lynn News readers were met with another Brexit doom and gloom letter by Mr Larcey (September 30) who continues to make the case as to why the UK should remain a member of a declining, protectionist customs union.

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