Did you see dog knocked down?

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A very good friend of mine had his dog run over last Thursday by a hit and run driver, My friend managed to get some of the details from the vehicle but his main concern at that time was to ensure the safety of his dog.

He has been to the police station and made a formal statement but due to his not having a full registration number of the vehicle which hit his dog the police were limited to the help they could offer in apprehending the offender.

Would any witnesses come forward as this is a criminal offence and his wife and children are very distraught with the possibility of either having to have one of their dogs leg’s amputated or even the dog put down.

The incident took place on Wootton Road opposite the dental surgery on Thursday,March 13 just before 8am, The vehicle was a metallic grey Astra estate.

My Friend did say that someone did call out from the bus stop to see if he wanted a hand but he was too tied up in trying to deal with his dog at the time to respond. We arere hoping this person saw something and could be of more help.

It’s disgusting that this person is potentially going to get away with this.

Ian Angus

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