Hunstanton apartments would be monstrosity

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Hunstanton has the most amazing sunsets, much admired and photographed by visitors and residents alike.

It beggars believe to see that there is a planning application by McCarthy & Stone for 32 retirement apartments in St Edmund’s Terrace opposite to the newly enhanced Spinney which now enjoys a very attractive view through the trees to the sea.

That surely would be a disadvantage to the town Centre as it looks like Hunstanton’s own Berlin Wall!

Apartments don’t seem to be in shortage as there are plenty on the market and more of them it would probably supply the second home market which does little for keeping the town afloat in the long winter months.

Looking at the drawings (Lynn News, March 7) it almost makes the Princess Theatre look small so why anyone would consider building such a monstrosity on that site it really takes your breath away. Far too imposing for the site and the extra traffic that would incur.

The borough council seems to have a problem with Hunstanton or at least is the perception they give when it comes to regeneration and more so to protection and character of our town.

There is a saying that the proof is in the pudding. Well Tony Robinson did point the finger at it didn’t he?

Maria Rix