Letter: Alexandra Kemp, December 9, 2014

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As we speak, county councillors are bargaining for the very soul of West Norfolk. They are doing deals in a deadly game of poker over at County Hall for the fate of the Willows. God help Norfolk!

County councillors are negotiating a deal for full council of 15 December about the Willows site.

As the local member for the Willows, I am asking them to put back ‘No Incineration’ in the Policy, just as we in the Waste Advisory Group agreed. But the Committee voted against it.

So I will appeal to full council to do the right thing. But will they? County councillors made their promises to you when they were elected, but how many will keep them on 15 December? Who will stand up for King’s Lynn? Who will stand up and be counted? Do they care?

Why don’t they want No Incineration in Norfolk put back in our waste policy? Why do they favour a watered down version ie “preferences” for non-incineration, not the real thing. That won’t work at all.

I have called for them to sell the Willows site to the Borough immediately as the County’s contract for an incinerator has now ended. Put the site back under local control. Why? Because the land remains in the County Council’s waste plan for thermal treatment like incineration. If the Government grants planning permission, the site is in danger again. The bitter truth is I know there are still County councillors outside West Norfolk who want an incinerator in Lynn.

Why won’t they set the selling process in motion by instructing the district valuer to set a fair price? Just who at County Hall is waiting for the government to grant planning permission so they can sell the land at a higher price and sell West Norfolk down the river? What has King’s Lynn ever done to them?

Write to your county councillor, the Leader George Nobbs and the committee chair Toby Coke. Ask them to use their power wisely and listen to West Norfolk.

Ask them for No Incineration for Norfolk. Ask them to sell the site to the borough. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Come to County Hall. Show you care about Lynn.

Alexandra Kemp,

County councillor for Clenchwarton and Lynn South