Letter: Ashley Collins, October 10, 2014

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As reported in the Lynn News (September 30) I raised a question at full council of former mayor and current councillor for Snettisham Zipha Christopher, who has moved to North Yorkshire.

My question to the leader of the council, Nick Daubney, was met in his usual dismissive way.

The issue over councillor Christopher is one of honesty and morality.

In the article it is implied that as Snettisham is a two-member ward that cover will still be available from councillor Wright.

What would be the excuse if, as in most cases, it was a single member ward?

If councillor Wright is available to handle ward issues why is councillor Christopher not resigning or is the lure of £428.33 per month too much to give up?

The borough’s constitution is quite clear in stating “To be eligible to hold the office of councillor, a person must be registered to vote in the Borough or must live or work in it.”

There is no mention of what happens when an elected member moves out of the borough. No doubt councillor Christopher will be registering at her new abode to enable her to vote in next year’s elections.

Ashley Collins,

Watlington borough