Letter; Emma Cook, October 10, 2014

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Thank you for reporting on the meeting held by the Hunstanton and District Civic Society last week, regarding the planning application by Hopkins Homes.

There may not have been many people there, but at least they were given the opportunity to speak and ‘air their views’.

It is interesting to note that there are actually more people objecting to this development than objected to the old Kit Kat site being developed.

Furthermore, if you look at planning applications in general for Hunstanton, there are probably more comments on this one application than on planning applications for several years!

Not many people are disputing the fact that we need more affordable homes in Hunstanton, but building an estate on the edge of town, at the bottom of a hill, is not the right place.

As was mentioned at the meeting, there are actually only going to be about 30 ‘affordable’ homes on this site , so that will leave more than 130 potentially ‘unaffordable’ homes! Several of our Town Councillors are completely blinkered about the Searles land and cannot see that other areas in Hunstanton are better placed for providing homes for local people.

The last comment by one of our councillors was cut off in the paper. She said: “When Manorfields was built it provided jobs for years for young people on the building sites. I’ve spoken to them and they’ve said they were great times.”

I would suggest that for the many people blighted by this potential development, these are not going to be great times!

Emma Cook,