Letter: Iain Christie, November 21, 2014

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Recently we have been given the strange description of the serious problems at Colchester Hospital of a “major incident”.

Sentient beings might then be moved to ask “what was the incident?” Firstly because hospital problems are a burning issue for most of us, but also because the follow-up announcements that the major incident is continuing, as I write, whereas “major incidents” do not, in general, have the capacity to “continue”.

Please allow me to make a stab at the problem.

As the efficient operations ( no pun intended) of NHS establishments are so important, could the media please make the necessary investigations to discover detail, and inform us, the users, of the actual occurrence. Also, as front-line staff and senior medical professionals appear to have been exonerated, I am once again moved to ask the public, in our own interests, to question the standard of modern “management” in our national institutions and corporations, with the NHS once again joining, on this occasion, prisons and banks, with other organisations certain to make further appearances in the near future.

Until we relearn the importance of giving ultimate management responsibility to experts, “major incidents” will continue to occur with sickening regularity.

Iain Christie,

Silver Drive, Dersingham