Letter: J Hawley, November 25, 2014

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Reference the location of the post office in Downham Market. Best thing since sliced bread? Oh yeah? It is a collection of mistakes.

Move it from a safe position in Wales Court to the ex-Priceright store in the High St. The new site has the following things wrong with it. Elderly people will have to cross two busy roads to get to it, then they will be confronted with a high step about 12in or ramp to get through the door. They will have nowhere to leave the mobility scooter outside, the pavement is only about 3ft, even less further up the road, so they can’t leave the scooter outside. They will not be able to take it in. Then what about the wheechair users?

How will they be able to manoeuvre it through the door?

Also, there is no place to queue – the shop is no wider than the old site, but a bit longer.

They make out it is for the benefit of the public. It is not. It is because the rent for the present site is going up each year and by moving to the High Street they will probably be holding the freehold so it will be cheaper for them.

The planners probably do the usual thing and work from the drawings and the same with the councillors and never go near the site to actually see it themselves on a Tuesday (pension day) or Friday (market day).

They want to get off their backsides and visit the place before giving the OK.

J Hawley,